Meet Transcribe Online: Fast Accurate Secure Affordable Simple Helpful Precise

Transcribe Online is a web-based automated tool that converts audio speech into text, solving one of the most infamous problems in tech. It is fast, secure, highly accurate, and affordable!


  1. Paying for transcriptions is expensive. The accuracy of different services varies, but you’re lucky to find one that costs $60/hour. Most of us cannot afford that and we’re stuck spending hours tediously listening over and over to pre-recorded audio. In a world where “time is money,” this is a high price to pay.
  2. Getting accurate transcriptions is hard.
    Ask anyone who’s ever needed something transcribed — interviews, videos, etc. It can be time intensive and even after all the fuss, accuracy can leave much to be desired.


Solving those two problems is why our two founders — Katie Klabusich and Raquel Hosein — joined forces to form a tech startup to address these issues. Representing some of the most overlooked and under-supported people in the tech industry — women and people of color — they are working hard to beat the odds and offer this long-awaited, easily accessible tool through Transcribe Online.


People have been hungry for an accessible tool that provides good automated speech to text technology. Transcribe Online offers this much-anticipated, accessible transcription tool in an easy-to-understand way.

Easily and accurately transcribed audio shouldn’t be a luxury. While most transcription services on the market cost about $1/minute at best, TO offers transcription at approximately 5% of that price.

In short: we’re offering great technology at a great price.