Frequently Asked Questions

+Can I see TO work before the beta launch?
+What do I need to use Transcribe Online?

All you need is (1) what you want to transcribe; (2) an Internet connection; and (3) your computer/device.

+Does it work on a mobile device?

While TO remains in beta, you will only be able to use the audio upload function on your desktop, but the live transcription feature will work on your mobile device. A full mobile website is in development.

+What audio file formats can I upload?

Currently the program works with audio in WAV, FLAC and OGG formats.

+My audio file is in a format other than the ones listed. What do I do?

We’re working to expand the type of audio files that can be uploaded. Until then, there’s a snazzy workaround that involves using the tool similarly to how users without pre-recorded audio use it (see the next answer below).

+I don’t have any files to upload. Can I still use your service?

Yes! On the Speech to Text page you can press “Transcribe Live” while the audio you want transcribed plays. This works for video, real-time conversations, and any audio file. Please note that you currently need to be using Google’s Chrome or Mozilla’s Firefox browsers for it to work.

+My interview contains really sensitive, confidential matters. Is the content I transcribe saved by you?

Nope! Using Transcribe Online is secure; the audio and the transcription are not housed on our site. We do not store the information in any database or service because we want to help our subscribers maintain source anonymity.

+How long does the transcription take?
Processing time depends on the size of the file; however, a file that is 20 minutes long will generally take about 15 minutes to transcribe.
+How do I save the transcript when it’s finished?
You may download the transcription at anytime by clicking on the Download button or copy and paste into an existing document. Also, please note that you can edit the text within the textbox after the transcription is complete. Any edits you make will be reflected in the download.
+Will TO ever be able to do more?

Absolutely! More features are on the way post-beta version and probably periodically for the rest of this year at least. We didn't want to wait until we had everything exactly how we wanted it to get such an important tool into people's hands.

+What languages does it work with?
Arabic, US English, UK English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, and Mandarin.


Tier 1$15

  • 5 hours of transcription

Tier 2$30

  • 10 hours of transcription

Tier 3$42

  • 15 hours of transcription

Tier 4$55

  • 20 hours of transcription
Group subscriptions of all sizes are available by contacting