Katie Klabusich

Chief Executive Officer/ CO-FOUNDER

Katie is a writer, speaker, media contributor, and activist whose work to end stigma on reproductive health, poverty, and mental health was hindered by a lack of access to transcription services. Transcribe Online was born out of necessity and is offered as an affordable tool to anyone whose work can be advanced through its use


Raquel Hosein

Chief Technical Officer/ CO-FOUNDER

Raquel is a self-taught full stack developer, hacker, educator, activist and speaker. She sees Transcribe Online as a way to give back to the world. She built Transcribe Online using Node.js, IBM Watson, and several other tech tools.


Wagatwe Wanjuki

Chief Communications Officer

Wagatwe is a feminist activist, writer, speaker, and award-winning strategist working and living in the New York City area using new media tools to advance social justice.